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Aromatic Oil


Based on the teaching and philosophy of D. Gary Young.




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Learn how to be an Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner

Learn all about aromatherapy and how to use essential oils' healing properties to help the people around you.

Full instructional online Certification Program.


  • No prior knowledge of Aromatherapy or essential oils is required

  • This course is for beginners who want to explore about aromatherapy and essential oils for personal and professional uses

  • You may want to buy essential oils upon completion of this course to create your own essential oil blends

  • Come with an open mind to use Essential oils for aromatherapy in your life, everyday routines, practice/clinic or spa


The Integrated Aromatic Sciences Course Program was primarily designed by Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D. It was based on the teaching and philosophies of the late Dr. D. Gary Young. Aspects of this program are similar to the Aromatherapy Courses that are presently available but with some major differences in application and philosophy.


The use of essential oils dates back as one of the oldest and most powerful therapies. Today it is being recognized for its therapeutic advantages as well as its efficacy. The IEWS curriculum includes basic chemistry of essential oils, basic anatomy & physiology, application of essential oils (inclusive of Vita-Flex and Raindrop Techniques), spiritual healing and Egyptian emotional clearing. The Advanced program covers facial aesthetic applications, women’s & men's health issues.


The online program is designated to teach you the Basic – 350 hour course.  An advanced 450 hour course will be offered at a later time. 

Who this Course is for

  • Who want to learn to use safer, chemical-free, aromatherapy ways to beauty, anti-aging and healthy skin care

  • Who want to learn how to use essential oils for culinary purposes in smoothies and in dietary preparations

  • Who want to learn how to use Aromatherapy for detoxification of pathogens and much more

  • Who want to learn how to use essential oils for various clinic or spa treatments: Vita Flex and Raindrop Technique

This program is a Diploma/Certification Course that will cover many topics and uses. The program is intended to certify students who desire to use essential oils in one's practice, clinic or spa.




Learn how to:

  • Appreciate the early history of essential oils and why they were so highly prized & valued

  • Appreciate top quality grade essential oils

  • Differentiate the quality of essential oils

  • Use essential oils wisely and safely in everyday life

  • Learn the importance in the various extraction processes

  • Learn the power of the olfactory system and why the body responds instantly to essential oils

  • Use essential oils to flavor foods and beverages

  • Easily use essential oils for mental & emotional health and well-being

  • Apply essential oils for beauty and healthy, vibrant, youthful skin care

  • Replace toxic, chemicals in your home with essential oils’ antiseptic properties

  • Ditch synthetics and switch to Eco-Friendly, environmentally healthy fragrances in the home

  • Use essential oils safely for first aid

  • Apply essential oils for treatment spa purposes as in Vita-Flex and Raindrop Technique

  • Learn Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

Special Program:

Receive certification as an 'Integrated Aromatics Practitioner' accredited by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP).  Our diploma programs have met the CEBHCP's stringent standards for its legal designations.  The CEBHCP has also created a new designation, entitled 'Certified Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner'. 


Value: $2995

WAS: $1497

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All 4 Modules

Only $497. 
Limited Time

FOR Certification Diploma


Articles & Resources

Certificate upon completion


The Institute of Energy Wellness Studies was established in 2005 to meet the growing need in the use of therapeutic Grade oils as used in the French system along with other energy system disciplines. Thus in order to utilize the highest quality as well as the French system, I.E.W.S. specialized in the use of Young Living Company essential oils.

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“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived”

Helen Keller

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See Special Bonus Below


My name is Sabina DeVita Ed.D., N.N.C.P

This is a picture of me on our lavender farm in France. I have traveled and enjoyed working on many of our Young Living farms on various continents. 


I have been a long-time educator and holistic, energy-vibrational practitioner with over 35 years of experience in private practice. I have used essential oils in many creative ways with my clients and students.  I have also had the unique opportunity to test the energy-field of my clients with my Bio-electrography GDV Bio-Well camera, showing before and after pictures using essential oils.

With my many years of study in Integrated Aromatic Therapy with D. Gary Young, I have gained a deeper respect in the application of essential oils. I believe that you will as well as you embark on this  journey of learning in aromatics-health.

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Serving You In Learning

What do you value in natural living, healing?

If you value:


Basics of Essential Oils

Learning ways to live a natural-chemical-free lifestyle using the gifts from Mother Earth's Essential oils,  then look no further!


Body Treatments

Learning holistic, soothing healing practices, such as Raindrop & Emotional Clearing Techniques then IEWS program offers this to you.

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Increase energy-vibrations

Learning natural ways to increase your frequencies while increasing the energy & vibrations of your home, then IEWS offers this to you.

Everything is Energy!
That's all there is to it!

Learn more about the vibrational theory of smell, proposed by an Italian scientist in 1996!

See the bio-field (auras) of before and after with essential oils and the measuring device that is world renowned in its capture of scanning the light body!

Dr. DeVita has conducted years of study in energy medicine and bio-field body scans with the Bio-Well device and helped to develop the VivAlign scanner.


Special Bonus


ADDED Bonus Gift

Module three students who attend the yearly, Raindrop Technique on-campus (in-person) class will receive a FREE Bio Well scan. Get to know yourself, your assets and deficiencies. Strengthen those deficiencies with Essential Oil care and you will add years keeping your 'genes' turned on.!


Working on Laptop

Learn at home and at your own pace


Online learning provides for a streamlined, accessible program to expand your knowledge and skills. Read and learn on your laptop or computer whenever you have time.

Achieve Your Certification in Integrated Aromatic Sciences

IEWS is an online learning program to assist you  in the use of essential oils for your well-being and for you to help others improve their health & emotional wellness.

Join the Essential Oil movement. Receive certification as an Integrated Aromatics Practitioner  accredited by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP).  Our diploma programs have met the CEBHCP's stringent standards for its legal designations.  The CEBHCP has also created a new designation, entitled 'Certified Integrated Aromatic Sciences Practitioner'.

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